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    The Villa Lab develops tools to observe macromolecular complexes in their natural environment, the cell. Our ultimate goal is to unveil the structural dynamics of these complexes while they go about their everyday life. We combine cell biology and electron microscopy to generate data, and we use image processing and physical modeling to understand these data.

    05 Aug

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    Lindsey Young joins the lab as a postdoctoral fellow to work on the nuclear periphery.  Welcome Lindsey!

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    08 Jul

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    Kanika’s work on the molecular architecture of engulfment during Bacillus subtilis sporulation in collaboration with the mxvpm加速中心网站 is now online in eLife.

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    13 Jun

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    Our paper showing how virus capsids “surf” on microtubule-like PhuZ filaments toward a nucleus they build when infecting bacteria is out.   Bacterial Cell Biology at it’s weirdest!

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